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The currencies… again! But with changes

The last days have been very busy and the world economy is still bouncy.
The Euro, USD, GBP and JPY are probing new depths which worries the swiss finance
market much more. The Euro was about to hit the 1.08 line then instantly
(within 5 minutes) rose near 1.10 again…

Did the swiss finance authority intervent again to stop the immense drop of all currencies? Who knows…

Breaking News:

The Swiss National Bank has announced that the Libor Rates will be put as close to zero as possible 0-0.25%
In the same time, the swiss finance market will get another 50(!) Billion Swiss Francs. That means, the Franc will be weakened artificially to have the swiss economy
back in business. Yet it is a rather dangerous way as Inflation of the swiss franc is also knocking on the door…

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