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And Star Wars is reachable…

What sounds like a bad joke or a nerd watching too much SciFi series, is
the hard truth. A guided laser system (LaWS as the US Navy calls it) is able
to seek and destroy potential dangerous flying objects. Tested with a drone
the ship burnt the birdie down into the ocean.

The following video explains it very well:

Needless to say if this technique comes at the wrong hands, one could do pretty bad things with it.

The laser system itself uses three laser types. A blue laser for scanning the target, the red laser is disabling it’s seeking abilities and the green laser is finally taking it down.

But for one thing, this laser would also be good. If there’s an edible bird flying around, just make it a target and voilà – there’s fresh grilled and sliced birdie for lunch ;)

The LaWS shall be available in 2014 and when will it become transportable and handy like a gun? I expect such weapons within the next 10 years and then we will have “Star Wars”-like fights… no doubt!

What if this system, once set operational, is taking down an innocent flying object such as a civic airplane? I guess the “Ooops, we considered it a trheat to the USA” would bring up some real anger and hatred against the USA if not war in the worst case.

It is horrible how humans steadily continue to develop mass destruction weapons – it’s only a matter of time when mankind is about to eradicate itself at the push of a button.

Hopefully this will only happen, when I am already decaying deep down under.

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