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iOS 7: How users would like it much more

With iOS6, the UI hasn’t changed much. many bugfixes have been made,
some new features have been added. But with the release of the iPhone 5,
the resolution of the screen has changed but the iOS ap hasn’t. So some users
took their ideas together and made an impressive video.

What astounds me much is that Apple doesn’t pay attention to such great ideas. It would give iOS a fresh new touch and for once, existing iOS users wouldn’t say: “New version of  iOS but yet it’s the same basic old style and feel!”

So have a look at this video and make your own opinion:

I think, most if not all of the shown ideas are really cool and would give iOS7 the needed kick-in to be a real competitor to Android and Blackberry OS again!

With these words I wish you a very nice, relaxing weekend!

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