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National Day August 1st

Today is the Swiss national Day: But what exactly was on the first day of August?
This historical specific date marked the initial beginning of the Swiss
confederacy. Earler, namely in 1291, a significant event has been held at
that specific date that has been remembered with a national holiday until today.

In Switzerland, at August 1st, 1291 the so-called Rütlischwur has been made, the first Swiss Federal Charter.
With this date, the Old Swiss Confederacy has been found and builds the base for the Swiss confederacy as we know it today.

Today the Swiss people commemorate the day their country has been initially formed.
It is the 820th Swiss National Day

A big fireworks show is also one of the main events in every bigger city.

These are impressions of Bern:



(Pictures are courtesy of Berner Zeitung / tamedia and their respective owners)

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