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Apple vs… oh wait… THX vs. Apple!

Nope, this is no April’s fool (and it’l be 15 more days ahead!) but you have
read right. For once, Apple itself got victim of being sued for some patent.
In this Case, THX (Lucasfilm) has sued Apple for violating a patent of THX
involving speakers used in various iDevices.

To be exact: THX sues Apple for using small speakers in small resonace bodies which still produce high quality sound without much loss using a small slot for sound output. The patent we’re speaking of is this one: Patent 7’433’483 – issued in 2004, Apple could truly be suspected of violating this patent.

THX itself is claiming high financial losses as Apple did not apply for licensing fees using said patent.

On the other hand I guess, it’ll not just be Apple to be the sued one as other cellphone manufacturers use similar techniques for their speakers. So maybe there’s smoe more suing ahead for HTC, Huawei, Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericsson?

And then there’s one more question: How could one build a speaker into a device with good sound not using a slot-outlet to have the sound come out with enogh volume? And why is THX suing after 6 years? The first Apple iPhone had also similar speakers. So if there’s a real financial loss, then it’s THX own fault as they didn’t check earlier on that!

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