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Fun with broken washing machines

What to do with defective washing machines? Dump ’em, right? – WRONG!
You can have some fun with them even if they’re no longer suitable for
washing. Maybe trying to render them absolutely unusable by, say,
washing stones… not the small ones, of course…

But be warned! Never do this alone and take serious precautions as tumbling objects in a drum with 800 to 1’600rpm can become deadly weapons!

Machine gets the stone

This machine takes it hard… but getting the final brick was too much… for machine AND for the flowers nearby! ;)
The fun starts at 0:50

Machine desintegrates after being fed with stone

This machine seems to be of more robust nature and decides rather to desintegrate itself then to quit service… RADICAL!

Machine gets fed lots of crap but runs long time

The last one of these is a “Privileg” machine, which was the save-money-brand of Quelle. However these machines seem to take lots of stuff before they quit their work. The guys needed to throw in tons of crap until the motor finally raised the white flag…

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