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The eternal flames in Devil’s Hole

In Derweze, Turmenistan, a nature spectacle is burning eternally. In 1971
a drilling company has found a cavern under the drilling site, filled with
natural gas. Since the company feared that the gas is poisonous, the best
idea was to burn it and hope that the fire will extinguis in days.

However the gas ressources keep flowing and the fire is, after more than 40 years, still burning. The Hole therefore has it’s name “Devil’s Hole” as the locals think, it’s a Gateway to Hell.

Watch the nature spectacle here:

A similar disaster with a giant mud flow happened in Sidoarjo (Java, Indonesia). A drilling operation, also for natural gas, revealed a sub-surface volcano which started to erupt and spit mud since 2004. Analysts say that the mudflow, spilling 100’000m³ mud every day, will still continue for 30 years. However the surface is already collapsing under the severe weight of the mud, leaving a giant crater of 470 metres diameter and 40 metres depth.

Watch the short documentary here:

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