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Breaking news: Meteor has hit the earth!

What sounds like a polt to a B-SciFi-Movie got real today. A meteor has hit
earth today in the morning. Parts have hit the ground at Lake Cherbakul.
The touchdown was so hefty that the shock wave has burst many windows
and hurt approximately 1000 people so far. Some videos show the meteor.

This is the possible touchdown location of one of the meteor’s parts that have hit ground:

The picture of the lake where the meteor part hit ground:

As it seems, the impact has nothing to do with an asteroid which is passing by earth today in the evening. While there were some wild allegations that this had to do with a military training, it is confirmed now, that it was a real meteor touchdown and neither USA, Russia or China had to do anything with it on a military basis.

Quite frightening what such a small part already does and how stron the shock wave was. But for those who can’t imagine how strong the blast was, here are some videos:

A surveillance camera from an industry site

Multiple cameras showing the meteor and shock wave

Taxidriver with Dashcam and cabin surveillance cam

The spectacular fireball of the meteor (Dashcam)

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