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Afraid of spiders? Better not watch this!

Well… I have seen lots in my life so far but a sky full of tangling spiders…
well, I must admit that I will consider not living at one of these spots ever.
I usually have no arachnophobia but I don’t need one of these running free
in my home also. They usually meet a book or a glass for carryout.

However I don’t like ’em! If they would just crawl around and not harm people, sure, don’t care but they can bite and some are poisonous. Absolute No-Go.

But back to what I am speaking of. In Brasil, there’s sometimes an event ongoing where thousands of spiders are hanging around or tangling around on large nets. This event can end faster than expected as in that time the spiders are vitims of birds also.

But enough babbling for the Saturday:

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