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Fascination Wood

Ever wondered how solid wood can be? Well, an austrian architects team has
planned an office building with 24 metres height and 7 floors over ground.
The building today is now operating as usual. Not only is the construction of
this building less CO2 emmiting, it also is of regeneratiing materials.

The result is a hybride office building which complies with the Minergy standards. Due to the law for fire rescue safety rules the staircase had to be built up using natural stone and concrete. The office rooms of the building are built up and attached to the staircase using woold and for the floors (and the inheriting fire safety) a combination of concrete-hulled wood elements are used which can be easily and exactly identical be built and built into the structure within a very short time period.

While the LCT One is one of the less high structures, ideas have already been planned to create buildings like the LCT One but with heights of over 20 floors. Would be impressive.

Although the LCT One looks big, the wood used inside the building is regenerating in 45 minutes alone in Austria! So those who worry about the forests being degenerated, have nothing to worry about (except that instantly 1’000’000 buildings like that are built at once, that is!)

For heat isolation, the building is covered using steel covering with hollow rooms in the wall elements. Seems working well!

Here are the pictures about the building and I must admit that I would feel comfortable working inside that building!













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