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SIM-Unlocking in USA now illegal!

Seems as if cell providers in the USA had it with their “cheating”  customers.
According to a new law that will be active from January 26th 2013, SIM-
unlocking is considered a felony and will be punished after a trial period of
90 days. Penalties of 2500 US$ or even up to multiannual imprisonment!

What sounds like a big joke for many to us seems to get the hard truth. Reason for this is, that people are snatching provisioned cell phones from major carriers and then using a Prepaid SIM after having “unlocked” their new smartphone.

With the trial period having expired on January 26th, 2013 it is now only allowed to unlock the smartphone with the agreement of the provider. And most providers demand an additional fee if you decide to do so before the contract has ended.

Unlocking smartphones is in other countries also not allowed but is however tolerated as no lawsuits have yet been filed against private persons.

After the USA have now set a new era of customer bonding, legally supported, that is, people in the USA will think twice before unlocking their smartphone for cost’s sake!

However the negative reputation on big cell carriers now have increased enormously! But these don’t have to worry about anything. They have the full control over the market, so it’s either buying the smartphne by yourself or stick with a SIM lock for the duration of the contract with one of the big carriers.

But what will be the next step? The total control by excluding unlocked phones from service? What sounds like a silly idea might also come true after this news… I wouldn’t be too surprised if the big arriers are already investigating on such plans as the IMEI of a device is worldwide unique and hardcoded into the device and thus not changeable!

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