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Netspark goes 150 MBit

When it comes to fast internet, one might think, Switzerland is not able to
provide fast Internet. Well think again. While many citizen of Switzerland
already have internet connections with over 16 MBit/s, most citizen in
Germany still hope to get fast DSL (6 Mbit/s)!

But not only the 150 MBit line was an argument to change my priceplan and pay 34 CHF more. It was also the release of the new Horizon media recorder from Samsung which is one of the best HD receivers currently available.

UPC Cablecom Switzerland has just announced that from Monday, January 14th the new media set top box will arrive and with it, my Internet bandwidth also goes up.

For 109 CHF you get a whole bunch of features. may sound expensive to lots of you but compared to what you earn in Switzerland, this price is a real bargain!

As soon as my bundle will arrive, I’ll do a short review on it.

Thank god, I just upgraded my wireless router which can cope with such tremendous speeds. Imagine your files to flow with approx 18 MB/s onto your PC…

Have a nice weekend!

Update as of January 15th:

Cablecom has just released information about its new Internet line speeds (4(5) available):

Fiber Internet 150 (79 CHF):
150 Mbit/s downstream – 10 Mbit/s upstream

Fiber Internet 75 (65 CHF):
75 Mbit/s downstream – 7 Mbit/s upstream

Fiber Internet 35 (55 CHF):
35 Mbit/s downstream – 3.5 Mbit/s upstream

Fiber Internet 10 (39 CHF):
10 Mbit/s downstream – 1 Mbit/s upstream

Basic Internet (free*):
2 Mbit/s downstream – 200 kbit/s upstream

*The free internet can be claimed upon request with cablecom for a cable modem. As far as I know, only a one-time-fee of 49 CHF will be charged for Hardware and setup.

For a free internet, these speeds are gorgeous. Cablecom itself stated that 98% of all swiss households have access to cable and cablecom’s network is attached (sometimes via regional sub-providers) to them. The monthly fee of 28.25 CHF for the cable connection (which provides cableTV, cableRadio and the basic internet now) are covering all costs. So that’s why you get relatively fast internet for free. The speed is sufficient for most applications on the web. For those who simply use the web for informational purposes and seldomly write mails, this might be all-serving. But even online gaming should be possible with no flaws.

Update as of January 15th, 2013 23:36:

YES my line AND my hardware IS capable of handling such high internet speeds:

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