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Rosiv’s Blog back online!

Rosiv decided to bring his blog back online to share his thoughts, ideas and
annotations with you. unlike my blog, his blog is written in german only. But
it’s still worthwhile to read and I can recommend it to you without any hesi-
tation. his blog will, like mine, deal with all kinds of topics.

The reason why he brought back his Blog to life is that Facebook is a good platform to share one’s ideas but on the other hand you’d be considered very fast as spammer if you do so multiple times a day.

Visit his blog here:

A blog is something very personal where no one sets you rules on how to publish your mind. Also you can control all aspects of the blog by yourself. and best of all, you can (with the help of some plugins) decide who is eligible of seeing what you write.

On Facebook it’s uncertain where all your uploaded information goes to.

After a long break all I can now say is: Welcome back, mate!

And happy blogging!

It’s with Pringles: Once blogged, never stopped!

Update April 12th, 2019:

His Blog is permanently closed. Removed link.


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