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LED hits 200lm per watt mark

While light emmiting diodes did not gring up much light in the past, today’s
LEDs have great potential to replace the energy-saving lamps which are in
conflict with a environment-friendly production. As Energy lamps still have
small amounts of toxic mercury and light-emmiting gases inside…

LEDs are much more convenient to being produced more environment-friendly. Even with the light emission, LEDs seem to get better and better. While a standard halogen light uses 50 watts to produce a bright light, Energy-saving lamps do that with about 10 watts.

LED however are reducing this to a mere 3 Watts. Speaking of that I am myself using LED spots as they’re convenient, bright and powersaving. The positive effect is that there’s no flickering when being switched on and the light’s on instantly after using the switch.

Also, LEDs have a longer lifespan as LEDs can operate about 50.000 hours before failing.

So with the release of the new Cree LED modules, there’s again potential on the light market.

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