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32GB – Top of space on microSD?

As you probably know, microSD cards are the smallest known memory cards ever available.
With its 15mmx11mm size at a thickness of 0.7mm it is very small and still these cards can
hold up to 32GB of data. Reading speeds of up to 20MB/s and Writing speeds of up to 16 MB/s
make these little fellas a very good alternative to conventional SD cards.

Where you can buy 128GB SDXC cards today, the microSDHC with max. 32GB is dominating.
Until today when I noticed that there is a manufacturer who has a microSDXC announced with 64 GB of capacity! Yes, you’ve read right: 64 (sixty-four) gigabytes.

Kingmax has announced this card on May 27th, 2011 but no release date for the shops so far.

World's first 64GB microSDXC

KingMax has done it!

Yet thrilling that miniaturization has still not stopped and what’s more astonishing: SanDisk ain’t the first one who presented the world’s newest storage-to-size record…

The downside may be that your device must be able to comply with the SD3.0 standard. So far there are only few cameras that can handle SDXC (the big card) at all.

Your mobile hand set may not be able to cope with microSDXC cards anyways. So you have only two options.

  • Ask your handset’s manufacturer if the device can cope with microSDXC cards
  • Try for yourself…

However it is not everybody’s intention to burn 200 dollars for a maybe not-working card

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