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Terrorism in Norway?

As you probably have noticed, there was a terrible act of violence in Oslo.
It seems as if some crazy guy wanted to bomb down the entire government district in Oslo.
For me, the 32 years old Anders Behring B. is nothing more than an ill-minded man who
took life of more then 170 innocent persons.

His blood thirst cost about 90 persons their lives when detonating a car bomb government district in Oslo

The most perfidious thing is that he went to the island Utøya and slained another 80 people under the false pretence of being a police officer who has to check the persons’ IDs as a routine check.

When all the people have come to him, he suddenly drew his gun and fired dum dum ammo into the crowd. The fact that dum dum ammo is very nasty, makes it more to think about!

For those who are not familiar what terrible devastation dum dum ammo can produce, read this article on Wikipedia: Hollow-Point bullet

In USA he would have been probably shot instantly by a special SEAL team. In Norway the law does only allow 21 years imprisonment at maximum for MDK. So this ill-minded guy leaves prison after that time and might probably kill again…

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