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Hey Apple, what’s wrong?

Apple, being known as THE leader in innovtions lately seems to be stuck in it’s
own success. As the Apple stock shares were at 700 USD per share at the end
of September, the actual share value has dropped down to 570 USD. Sounds
not too bad? Well, get this: The total share loss is 157 billion USD! THATS bad!

Most analysts say, the reason lies in the fact that Steve Jobs is no longer the mind behind all the gadgets. While each new gadget during Steve Jobs’ reign has brought another YAY effect, the recent gadgets (iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4) at most bring up a WOW.

Analysts also have expected AppleTV this year. But it won’t come true so far.

Another thing are the radical cutdowns in the computer sector where Apple limits the available sizes of notebooks down to 13 and 15 inches. Many people still prefer a fullsize notebook. A retina display in a 17 inch device. Yummy! But nope, you won’t see these anytime. And be honest: Is 2880×1800 really necessary for a 13 or 15 inch display where most applications only use a 1440×900 resolution being scaled up by 2? it’s the same problem as old 3GS apps on an iPhone 4 display. Twice the size but we haven’t adapted the app yet. So you gotta go with the standard resolution.

So Apple should better concentrate on new gadgets that bring up the YAY effect again to attract more people again. And lately the stock market would benefit of that also.

So if Apple considers bringing out an iPad 5, then it should have at least some more features that are actual. And for the iPhone 6: Use NFC and worldwide LTE, garnished with 64/128GB memory and a long-durable battery pack. And the success is for sure!

For now, the future loss a bit grim for Apple though Apple still has lots of money held back for some innovations. So go for it while the time’s right!

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