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Oktoberfest 2012 – Fun, fun, fun!

Sorry for the late posting of the saturday. It’s been a very cool and amusing
Oktoberfest visit. As always, we had a couple too many beers. Yet it was
funny. Although the cell network was stable, my fingers weren’t too skilly
enough to properly write the post at the time intended.

I still wonder how I managed to drink that much beer while other guests were just done after 3 liters… Remarkable to see people waste theirselves within such a short time.

But there’s just a simple recipe how you’ll survive even the wildest drinking contest on the Oltoberfest:

1. Eat something before you start drinking. A “Brathendl” (grilled chicken) is a very good starter!

2. Drink carefully. Drinking a mass within 15 minutes can have a severe impact on you. Believe me, I had to suffer already. So I know what I am speaking of!

3. Take yourself 30-45 minutes for a mass. The advantage: You don’t shoot yourself too quickly.

4. If you pass mass number 3 or 4, go for another meal or at least take one of the giant Wies’n-Brez’n (Oktoberfest-Pretzel)

5. Keep the pace and drink the rest of the masses as intended and prefer a seat in the beergarden (if the waether allows so.)

6. Fresh air has an impact on how you feel and how the alcohol works on you. If you feel drowsy, you’d better stop drinking because the next mass may let you barf.

7. If it’s sunny, be careful to sit in the shadow. Sun+beer+fast drinking=Drunk-Blackout (had to suffer from it already… yuck!)

8. Stay off from any beatings and discussions. Won’t bring you any further, you may get into trouble yourself if you break off any fight (be it verbal or physical!)

If you follow these simple rules, then you’ll avoid this:
The yellow coffin… the result of a beating or too much alcohol.

What baffled me a bit, was the fact that at 2p.m. the grass hills were already plasted with people who shot theirselves off with too much booze. Although it’s funny to see them laying there, there’s also the sorrow moment when you say to yourself: “poor guy – still afternoon and already missing out the rest of the day!”

The other sad thing is that the alcohol renders some people into ravaging beasts who injure innocent people who only want to enjoy their beer. Fortunately we were situated in a beer tent where such people moslty don’t get in. In the beergardens outside the tents, you’ll spot fights much more often.

But the securities did a good job and have even such a big crowd under control.

Speaking of crowd: Here are some facts:

The Oktoberfest 2012 was the “little” Wies’n. Called so because the ZLF (Zentrales Landwirtschaftsfest) had reserved some of the Theresienwiese for their fair.

Yet approx. 6.5 million people have visited the Oktoberfest 2012 (half a million peole less than last year) and drunk 6,9 million liters of beer.

8000 people suffered from too much or too fast beer consumation. However this year there were less times where the yellow coffin had to roll out. In 2011 there were more then 10.000 missions from Redcross.

So for this year, the Wies’n is over. In 2013 you may want to mark 21.09.2013-08.10.2013 when the Oktoberfest 2013 starts.

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