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Dual-GPU with actual GPUs? Yes, we can!

When it comes to freaky GPU solutions, mostly PowerColor and ASUS are
involved with this. This time, PowerColor combines two 7970 Tahiti XT
GPUs and adds 6GB of video RAM to the card. The result: a devilish power-
suckling pixel monster.

Coming with 3(!) 8-pin-connectors, the maximum power withdrawal can be at 525 watts. That’s freakin’

But I bet that people with the necessary moneybag (one of these puppies is targeted at 1000 US$!) will go for Crossfire with even these. However there’s no Crossfire finger on it…

8 TFLOPS (my 6970 CF setup does 2.4 TFlops!) is the number speaking for itself. However it’s not clear if this value is reached when overclocking the card using the red switch from 925 to 1000MHz

However look at the size of that beast, called Devil 13…

And one view with the big cooler removed…

Need a

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