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Germany, 3G, EDGE and LTE

The cell network. Reason for many users to start turning red as if they have eaten
a hot pepperoni of Habañero. You know this situation probably. At your home
(in my case Switzerland) the cell phone works like a charm, and *BANG*, just as
you cross the border to the neighbor country, your signal’s gone. Black hole!

You know, it takes much to upset me. Of course, Switzerland is small and can handle things more easy than Gremany, like a perfectly-organized rail system where delays are as rare as 5 hits in lottery or in this case, a well working cell phone network.

From my earlier travels:
Until Basel all went fine. My smartphone has network, even 3G, and this very fast. Crossing the border however changed everything to a nightmare. The phone kept signing in to various networks from Frane and Germany. Nothing special you say? Well if these changes occur in minute manner, then you start getting annoyed as a meaningful usage of the smartphone isn’t of any topic anymore.

Okay, so I set aside the little accompagnion as I couldn’t do anything about it. The battery still got drained within  less than 24 hours as the ongoing network hopping continued.

Everything got okay in Munich again where the network seems stable and running. But just right in front of the city line you can see your signal gone!

Now back to where I am: A little aside of Zurich, my cell phone started to sign into a german network. Hello? The german border is just another 60 km airline away?

Okay so I did a disconnect and reconnect and We’re back to my home network. But not long. Suddenly my cell phone signed into a french network. I don’t know why, but the next french location where such thing could probably happen, is Basel, and Basel is approx 80km airline away.

Well. This is getting weird and I’ll keep an eye on it. So far, I have to live with it and I can only hope that in Germany my reception will be better than last time… *sigh*

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