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Filesharers in Germany are boned!

When it comes to Copyright and filesharing, the music industry is taking every
attempt to cross borders. In this case, the german Federal Court has confirmed
that ISPs have to issue private data from persons who violate the copyright.
That means, if a copyright owner files a lawsuit against a user from whom he…

only has the IP and the time of copyright infringement, the ISP is forced to give out the personal information about the connection holder.

By this, the Federal Court again runs into trouble with the european Federal Court which has accused the german Federal court for repeatedly violating human rights.

But for now, the german citizen is as transparent as glass as every company may accuse cou for probably violating copyright. While initially the company has to proove your guilt, it’s now you who has to proove innocence. The way, law is handled has come out of control and companies can start lawsuits at will is almost at the same level as in the USA. That’s worrying everyone.

What counts more? Human rights or money. In this case, i’d bet, money is more valuable than a human life!

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