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Photo souvenir from Mars

So the NASA has finally placed a robot on the surface of Mars to explore
it’s surface. The question is, what’s so interesting about a planet that is
most likely not containing life (due to it’s atmospheric consistence) and
most likely won’t have any valuable ressources on it?

One will know only by time. However the current robot is installing itself now and will be ready transferring high-resolution pictures to Earth. If these will contain something special, is the next thing. But if so, it’ll be spectacular.

What will mankind discover. Will there be still any possibility of life existence? Or anything that could improve Life on Earth? Was it woth over 200 days flight time for a 2.5 years mission?

Curiosity, as the new vehicle is named is supposed to travel 12km on the surface of Mars within 2 years and shall seek for all kinds of possibilities that deal with natural existence such as Water, lifeforms, human-liveable atmosphere and the like.

A 5 minutes-long concept video from Mars will show how Curiostiy is meant to be used on Mars and the deployment process.

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