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Big Brother, part 2

Just yesterday I have written about plane-based city surveillance in
Germany. The next step onwards to total surveillance of citizen is just
one step away. The project, called INDECT is just being enrolled and
already basis for wild speculations and citizen-enforced protests.

INDECT which stands for the incredibly long term “Intelligent Information System Supporting Observation, Searching and Detection for Security of Citizens in Urban Environment” is an europeanwide project to ensure the security of the citizen as the homepage promises. But if you carefully watch the organigram then you’ll see the security of the citizen is only one of the three branches, this project is all about.

Especially when it comes to the part “Threat detection in Computer networks” then one’s alarm bells should fire already as there it sounds for massive scanning of the internet and most likely all of your privacy as all of your traffic is also scanned (just for the good, that is! – Yeah sure! Whom do you want to tell these fairy tales?). Why do I have the feeling about a second China to come up when reading this? In China, the Golden Wall, as the countrywide and very restrictive firewall for the internet is called,  has been also built up with the pretense that it is only for the general welfare. Today, most of the people don’t know that the chinese government is filtering EVERYTHING that ay be considered criticism against the real harsh administration of the country.

When you go into details of the point of Data Protection, it says “to develop techniques for data and privacy protection in storage and transmission of data based on quantum cryptography and new methods of digital watermarking.” – I wouldn’t be too surprised, if the copyright association is also involved in this to “protect” intellectual goods such as music or movies and to legalize even the harshest legislative treatment of the individual upon any copyright infringe one could possibly break.

And when you go into details for the network data protection: “to develop new techniques and solutions providing tools to support activities of police officers, including tools for threat detection in the Internet; this includes the development of a new type of search engine combining direct search of images and video based on watermarked contents and storage of metadata in the form of digital watermarks,” then for me this is control over the whole traffic that’s going over your thernet cable. So when you search unintendedly for something that’s listed as copyright fraud, you may rush into trouble without knowing this.

Fact is: What’s being sold as “Protection for the individual” in public sounds to me as a big lie and the cutoff of free internet. You will only receive what the government is going to “legalize”. Whatever doesn’t fit into the viewport of the government or may criticize it, will be rigorously filtered and you may only see a “banned content” page.

Gret newas that is! (P.S.: I meant that in a sarcastic way!)

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