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Check twice when crossing the U.S. border

Laws can be a real nuisance today. Especially the USA make it almost impossible
NOT to break any law. Even if you don’t know it for sure, you run risk into
breaking the law. So it happened to two men from Seattle, that they broke the law
when being in Canada and buying some treats for their children.

To be exact, we speak of Ferrero’s Kinder Surprise™ egg. A tiny little chocolate egg with a toy inside. What’s officially sold in Canada and in many other countries worldwide, seems to be illegal in the USA. Although some people say that you can purchase them i.e. in California.

Sounds crazy to you? It is, but it’s the hard truth! So better check twice what you have in your hand luggage when travelling to the USA and arriving at the U.S. border! You might run into severe problems there!

The two men had 6 Kinder Surprise™ eggs laying on the hat tray of their car. According to that they were subject to a fine of total 15.000 US$ – According to other sources the fine os “only” 300 US$ per egg which totally cstill comes to a whopping 1.800 US$.

As the law says, the Kinder Surprise™ egg is illegal in the USA as some of it’s content does not have anything to do with food. Sounds really strange in the land of freedom and gadgets. According to some reports, more than 20.000 Kinder Surprise™ eggs have been confiscated at the U.S. border in 2011.

I still wonder what crazy laws there are active in the USA but hearing of this one where you can be fined 2500 US$ for each(!) Kinder Surprise™ egg you have with you, one has to wonder if the USA can be taken for serious. With each new ridiculous law I read about, this gets harder and harder for me to consider.

With this, once more the statement “Home of the free” as the USA is often called, is a farce.

About the two men from Seattle: They got warned from the customs officers and thus didn’t have to pay the outrageous fine…

A Kinder Surprise™ egg – Sold in millions worldwide – illegal in the USA!

Ad from late 80’s – The german spot has been cloned and translated.

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