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Samsung vs. Apple: Apple loses in London

This might be a not-so-good-day for Apple. The London Court has decided
that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab isn’t just a simple copy of Apple’s famous iPad.
But not enough for this: As the judge thought, that a simple financial settle-
ment won’t stop Apple from fighting on, he brought up a special verdict.

As the judge found that Samsung’s image has been severely scratched with the action taken from Apple, Apple has been fined to officially state that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab isn’t a simple copy of their iPad. However I doubt that Apple will clarify this noticably and I guess the last word in this fight hasn’t been spoken yet.

Otherwise: How should Apple officially do this statement?

Advertisements? Big posters? Any other form of corrective Advertisement? No one knows for sure. And the danger of Ads is that you can hide subtle messages in them negating the statement you did one. These little stars with the barely readable footnotes are excellent for such things.

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