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Half a billion US$ for advertisement?

What seems odd for most of us, seems normal for Microsoft. So it is known
to winfuture that Microsoft wants to make the switch to the new Metro
surface more delicate to the customers by putting up a rather high budget
for advertisement of Windows 8. But seriously: is this really necessary?

If so, why does it need so much budget to bring an OS to the customer? If you look back at the introduction of Windows 7, you’ll instantly notice that the Windows 7 advertisement campaign only used up about 300 million US$. Two things may be considered why the new advertisement budget is higher:  First: Windows 8 is not limited to PCs anymore and so it would need special advertisements for tablet users. And second: Windows Phone 8 is practically the same thing as Windows 8 but without the desktop part to run applications on.

However I guess, most users will still disable Metro and bring back the classic desktop as they’re more comforable with it.

The reason why Microsoft brought up Metro was that they could not use Icons with a number indicatior for new updates like iOS has (so does the SMS icon show the number of unread messages in the top right corner). That’s why Metro uses tiles to display that information without running risk to be sued by Apple for implementing a one-view-notification.

However I still would perfer something like the iOS-Version to the Metro tile surface as it is not that intrusive as a space-consuming tile telling you that you have unread elements. A small number in the top right corner is all I would need. The rest, like the new start menu as Windows 7 uses it, should stay the same. Believe it or not. Initially being a bit sceptical about the new start menu of Vista/Seven, I now yould not miss it anymore as it is very practical.

And yet, Microsoft plans to cut out this feature anyways.

The next thing to fall is Aero. You know, the elegant sleek-looking windows and user interface? Sure, maybe unnecessary in the eyes of many users but yet a stylish element. All that now being replaced by a simple white border with a black frame? Are we going back to the IT stoneage where we only has 2-color-monitors? *sigh*

Whatever will come out with Windows 8 which is supposed to hit stores in Q4 2012, I am doubting that I will instantly update all my systems with it. Maybe I’ll give Windows 8 a testdrive in my netbook. But my big notebooks and PC won’t be updated so far as they run fine on Windows 7 at the moment.

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