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Google Chrome 20 released!

Chrome 20 has just been released but for those, expecting a big new release of
Google’s browser will be disappointed… probably. Because the usual numbering
of small releases (and I consider 23 bugfixes as such) is a minor number upgrade.
Such as Firefox being at 13.0.1 right now. But there’s good stuff, also inside.

So does Chrome now support 64bit Flashplayer for Linux-based systems. Other new things are the passthrough of websites to an Android4-device.

While the update usually installs automatically, it’s also possible to manually force the update to be installed.

The update also close 23 security flaws of which 14 are critical. Flaws have been found in manipulated PDF files and Matroska video container files which allow execution of malicious code in the sandbox.

Let’s see when Chrome hits number 30…

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