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What has happened to Groupon

Groupon, Facebook, LinkedIn. They all have one thing in common. Their
stock market issue was one of the most expected events in company history.
And they all suffer from the same disease. The loss of stock value. While FB
has lost 10 USD (25%) of their stock value, LinkedIn has also dipped 20%.

Groupon however has lost 50% of their value since Feb 1st this year. Imagine this. You’ve invested, say 5 million dollars in Groupon 3 months ago and now you ahve only 2.5 million dollars left.

Is this only one of the many bubbles to burst this year? Nobody knows for sure but as the stock quotes show, the way is only showing into one direction: DOWNWARDS!

As many economists have expected, especially IT-related businesses such as Facebook & Co. are most likely to loose value in the upcoming months. And they stood right. So it’s luck for all those not having invested in these titles so far. No one knows for sure how these titles will develop in the next three monts but the future looks dim.

Always mind the markets ad listen to star economists as they’re mostly right when it comes to market development for certain sensitive markets. And who knows… the next Web-bubble will come to burst.

Sometinmes it’s still good to invest in material goods even if they’re not offering such good quotes as virtual goods companies, like facebook, LinkedIn and Groupon do.

Best example: The apple stock has increased value by 100% within 2 years… and with their maerial goods it’s most likely that the stock will keep it’s value if not constantly increasing it further at best!

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