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Diablo III: Travelling along with friends…

So the game develops an interesting taste when you move along with friends
decimating the numerous foes that follow you and stop you from reaching
Diablo. But it’s not as easy as usual. The foes get stronger with each party
member that joins your game. So no more standalone-bashing.

You are in strict need to bundle up all your party’s power onto the different monster groups in order to slay them. If you intend to rush away from your group, you may find yourself on the cemetery again ;)

Act 2 was a big challenge with Belial. Had to stop with my friend there as we have played till the morning dawn and her yawns gat more and more within a 10 minute timespan.

We decided to pick the chapter later on as she also got visit from her parents. No time to play online then. ^^

So I made the choice and joined a random grp in order to pass by Belial. Went good so far as there was a L36 Barbar in our group. Piece of cake then.

Act III – Mount Arreat and the bastion looks awesome. Again it’s like a tale you play a part in. So mystic, cold but it ties you to your computer for hours…

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