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Diablo 3 Beta – here we go go go!

So there it is. The most-expected game of Blizzard for the last 18 months. And
the first impressions are somewhat awesome! So what did I expect from
Diablo III? At first: The simplicity and the cool Hack’n’Slay-style I used to
have in Diablo II (LoD). Second: Cool graphics. The result? Read more now!

As you might have noticed, the public beta has been activated for ALL players. Thanks to Rosiv, I also got informed quite fast about this. Next thing was to download the 30MB installer and have it sucking down the necesary 4GB for the game. Quite fast (30 minutes) it went down onto my hard disk. Ready for the tests then.

The login was possible on friday, on saturday it wasn’t possible anymore as there were probably too many people out there who wanted to play the Beta.

But one can expect that the first day (May, 15th) may be the same if Blizzard does not stock up their Login servers. But as always, I have faith in Blizzard that the public Beta test will give them an idea where to improve until Release date.

So abck to Business. What’s ahead of you? You usually create a new character and select your desired class (I don’t go into details here as the official Diablo III homepage will give you much information about the classes already). You can modify few properties about your char and give it an unique 12-chars-long name. Ready? Steady? Go!

The start begins in New Tristram and it’s night. The first impression is simply: WOW!

The chat system is the same as already known from World of Warcraft. You have your chat windows and you can get in touch with your chatbuddies using either their nick name or their real ID. Simple as that!

The interface is clear and familiar to Diablo II. With the exception that the buttons are aligned a bit changed. So is the action bar reduced to the 2 mouse buttons and 4 separate action buttons for your most-used skills (in Diablo II you used to put your primary attack on the left button on the bar which is equal to the left mouse button and one of your skills on the right mouse button.)

The Gameplay? You see your quest NPCs the same way as in WoW: A big Exclamation Mark tells you that this NPC has a quest for you. There will be short dialogues of what to do and the storyline.
When you start your first quest and target for your first enemies, you will instantly find yourself in a gemae you used to play as it is almost self-explaining.

Target your enemy, and smash your left mouse button until your enemy’s dead or the attack energy is used up. Just like in Diablo II – I like that!

The Graphics: Simply stunning how Diablo II builds up the entire scene with elements of shades, fog and of course interactive elements (barricated doors, flames, dismountable chandeliers and the like. Great. Not overloaded, just great!

The Difficulty: Seems as if Diablo III has set it’s Difficulty according to Diablo II. The initial enemies are easy to fork down, champion enemies are a tad harder to slain and give more bonusses. Masters are a real challenge and if you don’t know your char well or start the battle while being on reduced health may end up in a complete death. So better prepare for your fight. And as always, mind your next step because it could be your last one!

What about Skills and talents? Yes, this is probably most discussed and I must say, I’m a bit divided here: Of course I like simplicity but too simple will get boring too simple also. I’d wish for a skillable tree like it’s used in Diablo II or WoW (as it is right now) but on the other hand it also allows you to focus on the elementary game tactics. So it’s a pro and a con at the same time… difficult, to be exact!

Conclusion: I hope, the scenery is as beautiful and dreamy as it was in Diablo II. You may still remember Lut Gholein (Act 2), the Arcane Sanctuary or the swampland (Act 3). Or maybe the Arreat Summit (Act 5 – LoD). But also the dark scenery in Diablo’s hideout (Act 4) with the fire seas have brought lots of changes and surprises. I simply liked all of the sceneries! Hopefully, Blizzard has made them part of Diablo III also.

As the Beta had only 13 levels to play with your char and only the first Part of  New Tristram could be played where you have to slay the Skeleton King (a real nasty boss!), there’s not much known about the other sceneries upcoming in the game. But I am looking forward to see the full game already!

(Annotation: This post has been filed since April 21st – but published today (April 25th) as the pics aren’t yet included. This will be done soon! Expect some nice screenies!)


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