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Recently in a toilet in Korea…

There are several signs out in the world that makes you either ask yourself
or trying to figure out why that particular sign has been put up. In a toilet
in Korea, a guide sign has been put up however the pictograms are rather
odd and make you also laugh a bit. One pictogram took my attention!

You may probably figure out which pictogram I mean:

Have youever tried to fish in the bowl? No? Me neither…

But the other ones are also odd:

Number 3: Who lies in front of the toilet? Does that sign mean, no barfing?
Number 4: Seems clear to me. Why standing on the toilet seat anyways to pee? (Except someone pee’d on the seat before!)
Number 5: No Fishing! Umm… Fishing for what? For the lucky brown seal during the flush? *YUCK* (The one I meant btw!)
Number 6: Pee like a dog? Now THAT’S something i’d like to see for once!!!

It seems that all these occurences have already happened over there otherwise the appearance of all these signs would not make any sense to me!

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