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Grey clouds over Facebook, Apple & Co.

Seems as if Apple, Facebook and 16 other companies are facing rough times.
As of today, a lawsuit has been filed from 13 private users against at the court
in Austin(TX), USA. Therefore the private users accuse Apple, Facebook,
Twitter, Electronic Arts, RIM, HP, Microsoft, Amazon and others.

Reason for this lawsuit are privacy infringements of the accused companies. Mostly it’s their Apps that have used the contact lists of the accusing users without prior permission. Just at the end of February Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard and Research in Motion (RIM) have committed theirselves to more privacy at the US court. It seems, some of them could not fulfill these demands. That’s why 13 users have filed for a collective lawsuit against these companies and claim for a 5000 US$ compensation as well as a forced change of the privacy conditions.

If this lawsuit will go through, these 13 users won’t be probably the only ones who will start lawsuits against these companies. Although there’s only a small chance for the lawsuit to succeed, it may be a signal set for other users.

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