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Inventor of Red Bull died

Chaleo Yoovidhya has died today. As the inventor of Red Bull which is today
one of the most valuable trademarks besides Coca Cola, Apple & Co., he has
invented the lemonade in the 70’s – Being popular especially to thailandic
truck drivers and workers Red Bull has been sold by T.C. Pharmaceuticals.

In 1984, the austrian business man Dietrich Mateschitz has founded Red Bull together with Chaleo and the drink, formerly known as Krathing Daeng, has been named after the newly founded trademark. With 4 billion sold cans in 160 countries worldwide, Red Bull is nearly as famous as Coca Cola. in Germany, Red Bull lately got licensed in 1994. Until then, Red Bull was said to cause heart problems if consumed in high doses. So far this has never been properly confirmed.

The company’s headquarter is Fuschl am See near Salzburg. Chaleo was one of the richest men with an estimated $5 billion wealth.

Red Bull headquarter in Fuschl am See
(image courtesy of Wikimedia)

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