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Apple Keynote March 2012

So today is the day where Apple is supposed to release the info about the long
awaited gadgets. As the banner says “We have something you really have to see.
And touch” it’s most likely that Apple is going to show the new HD-Display iPad
and probably the new AppleTV. What’s really coming, you’ll see here at 7p.m.!

So what will the new gadgets be. What new features will be shown to us? Many questions. Many thoughts. Many speculations. The air is burning with the rumor about the new iPad 3 or iPad HD, no one knows the real name of the new gadget. Also the tales spin around AppleTV. A fully engineered TV device with AppleTV built-in.

The expectations are high, and that’s good. Apple may not fail this time. The stocks are really high:

At 18:30 local time (9:30 PST) the stock says 535 USD per share. That’s giving Apple a total market capital of nearly 500 billion USD

So stay when the live update starts here at 19:00 Local time (10:00 PST)

18:45 – It is true: There will be NO live stream transmitted from the Apple keynote event. Currently the Lineup for the event is ongoing in San Francisco. 15 minutes until the event starts…

19:00 – Welcome to the Apple Keynote 2012 – Today we will most likely see the new iPad HD/iPad 3 that’s about to come with a high-resolution display.

19:05 – Facts: 362 retail stores, 100 million visitors, 172 million iDevice units sold in 2011 (315 million total Apple devices!) – 62 million devices in Q4 2011

19:07 – Siri will speak Japanese!

19:09 – Rollout of iOS 5.1 announced containing Siri with Japanese language

19:11 – the App download was registered from China, 585.000 Apps in App Store

19:13 – Apple iTunes speaks FullHD, movies are available in the native FullHD resolution! 100 million users using iCloud services

19:14 – A new Apple TV generation is upcoming and also supporting FullHD natively

19:15 – The surface looks like a bit of the iOS one. colorful icons are representing the channels

19:18 – Apple TV will sell for 99 US$

19:19 – 5.4 million iPads have been sold in Q4 2011, more than HP has sold PCs in the whole year!

19:21 – 200.000 Apps specially designed for the iPad are designed and released.

19:23 – The new iPad is presented. As expected: It comes with the retina display.

19:26 – It’s amazing how sharp the images and ebooks look!

19:28 – Resolution: 2048×1536 and thus 3.1 MPixels (so horizontal and vertical resolution has doubled – easier transformation of existing iPad Apps – same scheme when iPhone 4 was released. Low-Resolution Apps will possibly use a legacy 2x mode)

19:30 – Included: A5X quadcore graphics processor. Number of computing cores is unknown.

19:31 – The A5X is said to be four times faster than a Tegra 3.

19:33 – Let’s talk camera: The camera is of less resolution as of iPhone 4S but offers several qualities as the sensor is backlit and the A5X containing an Image stabilizer program. Is the camera in the iPhone 4S already stunning for the size so will it deliver tremendous quality on the new iPad as well.

19:34 – Videos can be recorded with FullHD resolution.

19:35 – The new iPad will have an integrated dictation function nested in the virtual keyboard. The accepted languages will be English in variants, Japanese, French and German.

19:36 – LTE will be on board! With this, Apple is set sail for new regions in mobile communication. Time to buy the new iPad with integrated mobile module? Maximum speed: 73Mbps

19:38 – Apple is showing cooperation with various mobile carriers in the US and Canada. Since the rest of the World will send signals on different frequencies, there will be a big questionmark upon LTE over here.

19:40 – Make your iPad a personal Hotspot. A feature, the iPhone 4 already has. The iPad shall work in the most frequency bands. Unlike others.

19:41 –  The iPad will come in Black and White and the battery will last for 10 hours upon frequent usage.

19:42 – The new iPad comes at a thickness of 9.4mm and a weight of 635g – that’s really good!

19:43 – The price matrix – WiFi: 16GB: 499$  32GB:599$  64GB:699$ / LTE: 16GB: 629$  32GB:729$  64GB:829$ – Same as the iPad 2!

19:45 – There will be no 128GB model however…

19:47 – All major countries will be included in the rollout on March 16th, 2012! Preorder yours now!

19:48 – Apple Store is currently offline!

19:49 – Sky Gamblers is showing possibilities of the A5X and is exclusively available for iOS. The game is published by Namco.

19:49 – Unlike some rumors, the new iPad also comes with the mechanical (and preferred) Home Button.

19:50 – Sketchbook Pro Ink from AutoDesk is another fine App for the new iPad that will make Use of the exact display digitizer, also exported Images are not limited in Size. 100MPixel resolution are possible! Apple will also bring out their own Apps already adapted to the Retina Display!

19:52 – Now Epic Games is showing what’s possible with the new iPad

19:53 – HDRT graphics, Tone Mapping and the possibility to render lots of objects the same time – Infinity Blade: Dungeons may set a new gaming experience on the new iPad. Maybe the Answer to Blizzard’s upcoming Diablo III?

19:55 – Using the new Unreal engine and a higher resolution as XBox 360 and PS3, the new iPad seems to compete with a wide range of gaming platforms.

19:57 – Yet the new iPad has no sale name, the sale of Infinity Blades: Dungeons is also unknown: Soon…

19:58 – IWork office Suite and GarageBand have been adapted to the new iPad and using it’s full capabilities.

19:59 – The new GarageBand will have new features as well: Smart Strings, Note Editor, iCloud Support and Sharing – 4 people can join together for a “Jam session”

20:00 – iWork Suite comes with Keynote, Numbers and Pages and will cost 9.99$ each! Store is still offline!

20:01 – iMovie is also refurbished and ported to the new iPad. Thus video editing shall be much more easy than ever before. The price: 4.99$

20:02 – iPhoto for the new iPad is also coming and enhancing iLife on the new iPad.

20:03 – Multi-Touch-Editing, new Effects, Gesture control are also new features. Best of all: You may now send pictures among the devices.

20:05 – iPhoto has been completely reworked to work and embed perfectly in your everyday life so Photo Beaming and Photo Journals for your private galleries are also new features.

20:07 – Now iPhoto is able to compare images. A resolution of 19 MPixels is supported. Dozens of new innovative functions have been added to the interface!

20:09 – Share your pics from iPhoto directly to Twitter and Flickr – but hey, where’s Facebook?

20:10 – iPhoto allows editing pictures the easy way but also allows manual corrections. A mighty tool!

20:12 – The new brushes represent the tools in a stylish way!

20:15 – A feature that’s standard and should not be missing: EXIF-Tags and GEO-Tags nested in the images. Your shot points will be visible on a map!

20:17 – iLife has completely landed on the new iPad – the price tag for the new iPhoto is moderate: 4.99$

20:18 – So the third-generation iPad as it is called has been introduced. The official sale name is still prospected as “the new iPad”

20:20 – The display is shown in detail. One pixel contains 4 of each color subpixels. The display manufacturer is secret. Maybe LG?

20:21 – Now to the A5X – Everything is felt faster!

20:22 – The iPad2 is still offered but stripped down to the 16GB model: 399$ for the WiFi and 529$ for the 3G version are called

20:24 – The new advertisement trailer for the new iPad is now shown and Tim Cook has returned to the stage. Time for the “Oh – One more thing”?

20:25 – The Keynote ends with a projection: 2012 – There’s a lot to look forward to!


Thank you for your participation! So what do you think. Will the new iPad on your list of new gadgets to purchase? I will definitely. I skipped iPad and iPad2 but on  the new iPad I am hitting the “Buy one” button!

Here’s a small overview for your viewing pleasure:

iPad 2 The new iPad
WiFi 3G WiFi LTE
16GB 399$ 529$ 499$ 629$
32GB discontinued discontinued 599$ 729$
64GB discontinued discontinued 699$ 829$

Expect slight price fall of the iPad 2. By the way: Preordering doesn’t work yet.

Odd: The Apple stock share didn’t explode upon the reveal of the new iPad. Coincidence or just a slight delay. The paper noted almost at opening value at the end of the Keynote Event.
Maybe it’s a strange behaviour as some people expected to see details on the new iPhone 5? Or maybe iTV? No one knows for sure. But the next days will show!

Have a nice evening!

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