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Why Website printouts are useful

Ever wondered why people print out websites? No? Even I had doubts but ever more I can
understand people who print out certain websites as in today’s times it gets more and more
difficult to find specific content. Best example which led me into frustration: I was searching for
a walkthrough guide on Kid Icarus 3D Classics on the 3DS. No problem, you say? JFGI?

Okay, then type it into Google: Kid Icarus 3D Classics 3DS – Wow… we have 85’100 hits… great… don’t know where to get my Walkthrough then… so many results… WHOA!!!

But then… what’s this… clicking on IGN as the first link appearing leads me to IGNs entry page for my specified game.

There’s also a tab saying “Walkthroughs” – Hooray… found it! But what’s that? All walkthroughs “This game is not yet been released”

Umm… so what’s on my 3DS then? Some piece of shit? Don’t know… Okay, maybe the idiot of IGN just have missed the last 4 months and with it, the release of Kid Icarus 3D Classics…

Okay, nevermind, next link then… we have 85’100 results, you know…… okay a german page… check it out then… for all cheats and tips please visit the NES page… umm but I have a 3DS and the game is has changed a bit? Okay… these pinheads, moving on to the next link then… only 85’097 to go… – Cool! 2 items listed in “Cheats” there. So maybe there’s the requested Walkthrough…

But hey… where are they??? hidden or what? Nope, the 2 items are the “Spieleagent” and “Einsenden” which means add something if you have something…

Hey, WHY on earth are we listing something in Google when we don’t have ANYTHING on it. I know I had something found but it’s gone and Google does list EVERYTHING except the things I requested. I guess THAT’S one of the MOST reliable reasons why to print out Websites. You know you have found something but you think, hey, why to count to the group of Webbsite print-out-people. But two weeks later, the ressource is just gone or Google refuses to find what you’re searching for!

It’s not just Google why the web has become of such bad quality. I also blame the website owners who cheat as much as they can to catch clicks and homepage hits to receive money from advertisements.

So what are good websites? my answer: Those which aren’t found by any means. Try googling for my blog and cheats on Game XY (insert game name for XY) and see if my blog is still listed. The corresponding search string might be +”Netsparks Blog” +”Cheats” +”XY” (insert game name for XY).

Did you get a result out of this search string? No? Me neither! Why? Because I don’t have any such content on my blog! That’s it! Now google “Gamewinners” +”Cheats” +”3D Classics” +”Kid Icarus”…

Surprisingly you get 309 results…

But none of the results is of any value. Darn these automatically generated landing sites to get your attention!

There should be an option for Google to report sites that obviously cheat just to receive hits or to be listed at the top of the index. No content for the given search strings = no reason why to be number one on the searxh result list! That’s my philosophy…

But why bother… the modern websites live of such things and don’t care if you as a user are pissed off for wasting hours of searching for certain things. I miss the times where good search engines like metacrawler, Altavista and such have listed exactly only those websites that met your search criteria… *sigh*

Anyway, have a nice weekend!

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