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The iPad 3 – new Specs leaked?

It seems as if the iPad 3 is about to hit the stores soon.Some rumors specify March
7th as the magic date, others say that it will be released in autumn 2012. So what’s
to expect? Most of the users expect the pad to have a retina display. This, because
all the new Android tablets have upgraded and come with a FullHD-Display.

Others expect the iPad 3 to have a powerful processor. This, because the other tablets also have upgraded to a quadcore architecture that promises faster App speeds and also faster graphics as the GPU core of the new processors have been vastly upgraded. However the recently release photo of the logic board shows up an extended version of the Cortex A5, called A5X. The A5X processor, based on a classic A15 SoC is a dualcore processor probably manufactured with reduced structure size of 32 or 28nm thus allowing to put in a better graphics unit, maybe? Nothing’s yet known about the clock speed and if the A5X has other specialties over the A15

The iPad 3 is also said to have more RAM. Instead of 512MB, there seem to be 1GB of RAM installed now for more Apps to run smooth and properly. Besides this, the installed storage memory is said to be boosted to a maximum of 128GB (like the iPhone 4S now holdung 64GB and thus twice as much as the classic iPhone 4).

Because of the new logicboard and the new drillings, the slightly thinner display (based on an Sharp IGZO-Display, maybe?) and other components that have been reduced in size, the battery pack may hold slightly more power to feed the beast. However this is unconfirmed and rumors say that the iPad 3 might even become a tard thicker than the iPad 2 as the display is probably not from Sharp and thus consuming more space.

The camera might be the same as in the iPhone 4S: 8MP and 720p videos shall be possible with it. Sounds great anyways. Also a support for FullHD videos is most likely to become reality.

Speaking about Connectivity so won’t the iPad 3 come with NFC, as the iPhone 4S did not. However rumors say that the iPad 3 will be capable to connect to LTE networks. Fast internet possible with the iPad 3? Nobody knows but it would for sure enhance the web experience.

iOS 5.1 or iOS 6? That’s a good one but personally I doubt that Apple has lifted the version to version 6 just for the iPad 3. And if it’s true that the iPad 3 will be launched on March 11th, then an iOS 6 would make no sense anyways as there was no rumor about a developers preview version of iOS 6 nor was an internal version numbering indicating such a new iOS version in advance. I expect iOS 6 to be released with a probably upcoming iPhone 5.

So what’s about the connectivity to the computer? Will the iPad 3 also be connected via USB2.0, 3.0 or even Thunderbolt? There are rumors about a patent, Apple has revealed that upcoming devices should also be able to be connected via Thunderbolt. Would be great as there are hardly any devices using Thunderbolt yet.

And what about Siri? Yes, she will be residing in the iPad 3 as well as she doens by now in the iPhone 4S. maybe Apple will enhance her german capability bit better so that you can use Siri to search for local POI outside the U.S. – a feature many people around the world desperately miss when they see the Apple advertisement where Siri got asked to show the next restaurants in the near surrounding of a guy standing in Los Angeles.

All in all there may be many changes and March 7th may become a hot date for all Apple fans. There’s much potential in the iPad 3 – Will Apple be able to use it and make good profit of it? Fact is: The price should be around the region where the current iPad 2 is settled. Much dough for a tablet indeed. And the Android faction isn’t sleeping. So Apple might face rough winds when bringing just a slight update of the iPad 2.

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