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Chilling saturday…

Something to do on weekends when not being stressed out at maximum? Chilling for
example or doing housekeeping stuff. Or maybe also meeting familiy/friends? Well,
whatever the decision is of what to do, one could be grateful if he gets the chance to do so.
Time will get more valuable each day passes by. Had to notice it myself…

Really hard to notice that each day passes by more quickly. It really frightens me to see hw fast the time has passed by since christmas time. I think, it has been just a short while ago however it’s been 2 months now and you start asking yourself: Where’s time gone. You never know.Only rarely when you watch fotos, you remember you had a great time.

I am not very shocked about this if more and more people start using facebook and other contasct platforms also to track their life with friends. Although facebook seems handy, I am not THAT comfortable with the idea of giving my private moments in digital form to a foreign company on their foreign servers that can be spied out by many organizations for whatever reasons.

A second option is, as you see it right here, having an own-hosted blog. A bit enhanced with some addons here and there, you can control very well who may and who may not read certain parts of your blog. Has facebook become bloated by time through many “Mini-games” and other “special-apps” so is the blog mostly lightweight and quickloading on almost every web-device. For iPhones and Android there’s even an own app for it that makes mobile blooging even easier. Sure… facebook is also available on these gadgets but as stated above. I wouldn’t share everything on facebook. You never know who checks on you using facebook. Even though there are several privacy settings, there may be security holes where one can slip through and access otherwise locked content…

Well, after having made a bit of a strafeback to the past, there’s something to do for me: Playing some World Of Warcraft. Gotta make some levels with my character again!

I hope, you can enjoy your weekend aswell! Have a nice saturday!

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