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Eolas to fail with patent lawsuit.

Eolas, well known as lawsuit holder against Microsoft with ActiveX has finally got a setback.
A jury in Texas declared the two Web automation technic patents Eolas claimed raights on,
invalid. This means, that IE may still use ActiveX with no fear of patent lawsuits and other
companies, relying on ActiveX can still code their applications based on ActiveX.

Eolas appeard to have filed lawsuits against Adobe in 2009 with the help of three students of the University of California which are shareholders of Eolas today. They worked on the patent in 1993. Seems, some students wanted to earn some extra bucks and thus helped Eolas.

But not only Adobe was on the bench. Also Google, Yahoo, Playboy(!) and Amazon were on the list to pay the total sum of  $600 million dollars!

Seems that the fight yet isn’t over as Eolas can still fight the decision of the court.

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