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SOPA, USA, Copyright and Wikipedia

How do these words relate, you ask? Well… it sems as if the mayor members of
the  Copyright Association have finally decided to push thorugh the SOPA.
SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act and in this Act, there are several points
to censor the internet in many ways. Not only in the USA but worldwide!

This is the reason why Wikipedia is demonstrating and shutting down the english Wikipedia for 24 hours beginning at Jan 18th from 6 A.M.

This is only one of many opponents to the SOPA. Others are Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Ebay and several smaller institutions and private persons.

If you think that all SOPA-Supporters are holy lambs, you’re wrong:

Lamar Smith has used a background image on his website without forther referencing from whom it is. Okay, now you think, hey, a background image that’s even covered by the Creative Common License (a license that allows you using pictures for free but with mentioning the copyright holder), what’s the matter? But that’s actually what SOPA does: It incriminates you with even the simplest part of lawbreaking be it something trivial as a CCL-based background image.

Another SOPA-Supporter also has done some copyright infringement. On his youtube channel he broadcasted a video that has been composed of many news videos. Even that is a lawbreaking fact covered by SOPA.

As Whistleblowing is more and more growing, a real bushfire could start, should SOPA get active and ratified. And that’s what many don’t want: a censored internet where you cannot publish your free opinion without running the risk of being the victim of a whistleblower who wants to take down your site for a possible copyright violation!

Let’s hope that SOPA won’t come true!

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