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If you happen to own a Tesla, this might be interesting
for you. It seems as if the computing unit has a design
flaw. The internal flash memory gets stressed so much
with unnecessary write operations that it might fail.

Although this problem is known since the MCU0 (first generation) that is built into the tesla S for example, the problem still exist to the today-available Tesla X with the MCU2 units.

Tesla MCU1 in a Tesla P90S

In case of a failure, usually the whole unit gets exchanged which costs thousands of dollars to do so (up to 4000 US$) where the replacement of the flash memory that holds the complete OS wuould only cost a few hundered dollars. There are indeed service stations in the USA which could replace the flash memory alone and bring back the OS (and most of the car’s functions) to life. However outside the USA it looks grim. There are no known service stations that can only replace the flash memory. Usually they all replace the complete control unit.

The MCU2 in a Tesla Series 3

All this would not be a big problem if the MCU wouldn’t control the entire car’s logic where the charging is also counted to. So if the MCU fails, you cannot even charge your car to move it to the next Tesla service station. It simply stays dead. Other than that you won’t be able to use comfort functions like AC, radio or entertainment or any other service/assistant that relies on the MCU.

If Tesla is going to change anything about in the future, is doubtful but either way Tesla should re-think the whole concept or at least supply Tesla service stations outside the USA with replaceable flash modules to quickly bring the MCU system back to life. Another solution would be to reduce the write cycles on the flash module or replace it with a more durable one.




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