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Samsung vs. Apple – Smile please!

Well… Christmas is in the Go and if you thought, They’re giving Apple a break
(or vice versa), then you’re definitely wrong. Samsung again tries to raise three
more lawsuits (in total 7 then) to even up with Apple, who claim 6 lawsuits
against Samsung at the moment. The patents are very trivial!

The title may give you a false hint. No, Samsung is not claiming rights on camera and image procession. No, it has to do with these little fellas here: :)

A Smiley you ask? Can they be serious? The thing we use everyday in emails, textmessages and shortmessages? Yes! But not the images as such but more the method on how they’re brought into the messages. You see, Samsung is claiming a patent that protects Smiley-input via onscreen-keyboard with the touch of one key. So imagine a keyboard layout but instead of letters, you see smiley images on the keys. Sounds odd and very hard to believe, but that’s exactly why Samsung is trying to file for some more lawsuits to bring Apple into trouble…

I couldn’t believe this myself until I read an article about that issue and thought: Is THIS what patents are all about? Is this perversion of patent rights exactly that what will rule the business in the future?

I hope, some court will put an end to this stupidity and idiocy of patent lawsuits! Instead of trying to bring new technologies to the market, I guess, many companies try to make more money by fighting for really trivial patents… *sigh*

Happy weekend by the way!

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