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AMD goes Supercomputing

It’s not often that you hear from AMD being used in
Supercomputers. But with Archer2, a new supercomputer
in the UK, this might change soon. The compter consists of
11’696 EPYC-2-CPUs with each 64 cores.

This means that a whopping 748’544 CPU cores will be doing the calculations.

The system consists of two interlinked housings which additionally have 1.57PB RAM, 14.5PB HDD space and 1.1PB SSD space. Value of the system: £79 million GBP.

The system will be capable of handling 28 PFLOPS/s which will make it the 5th fastest supercomputer in the TOP500 list. Although it is way slower than the Exascale system from the USA, Archer2 will be the fastest SUpercomputer based on regularly-available Nextgen AMD CPUs.

Archer2 is planned to be ready for operation in Q2 2020.

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