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DeCIX hits new transfer record!

It seems as if DeCIX has hit a new transfer speed record with the
release of iOS13. While the old record took place in 2017 and was
about 6.8 Tbit/s (6’800’000’000’000 bit/s), the release of iOS13
bumped the speeds a little higher with a new record: 7.1 Tbit/s!

The DeCIX is the most important data wire center in Germany, situated in Frankfurt (Main). All major providers have their lines coming together there so that the data will then pass on to other major nodes worldwide. Since the DeCIX is also seen as the biggest exchange node worldwide, it is most likely that the 7.1 Tbit/s transfer speed record is also a world record.

With this massive data speed, more than 2 million iPhones could be updated simultaneously per hour. While Wikipedia still reports the peak at 6’738.8 Gbit/s, the new record value should be updated soo^n.


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