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The iPhone 11 Pro Max – video quality (2)

The iPhone 11 Pro has a tremendous image quality.
A video shot in Tokyo by Andy To has shown this
well. Now there’s another shot made in the USA in
Sequoia Park showing the wide-angle lens capabilities.

The video shows a perfect image balance as well as fine structures are well-visible without artifacts. it is not known whether some image anhancers have been used or not. Mateo Bertoli took the iPhone 11 Pro on a tour there to test the ultra wide angle lens capabilities.

If this is native iPhone 11 video quality, well then shut up and take my money, Apple!

Video is Full-HD. So if your monitor is at least 1920×1080, it is recommended to switch to fullscreen mode. There’s also a 4K version online which you can watch on YouTube here.


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