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PCSO Police rescues baby bear

This is heart-touching! A bear family seems to have found food
in a dumpster at Lake Tahoe. While the adult bear and the
second sibling were able to get out of the dumpster by
themselves, the other one was not so lucky and got stuck.

Luckily there were some policemen active and saw what happened and found a good solution to reunite the bear family. Opening the shut dumpster and putting a ladder into it helped the other sibling to climb out and run back to it’s bear family again!

Adorable to see that such things take place in the USA where usually bears are considered a serious threat to civilians. This truly deserves mentioning here and the pulication of the raw video footage from Placer County Sheriffs Office from Northern Lake Tahoe, where the incident took place.

The incident took place on August 30th, 2019 but the raw video footage has been released few weeks later.

Watch the full raw footage video here:

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