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OnePlus 7 Pro – Pop up camera

Yesterday the OnePlus 7 Pro was introduced to the
public in a big media show. The specs look great!
But there’s one thing people don’t find too appealing.
The pop-up camera looks kinda fragile. Is that so?

Another video from OnePlus shows that the camera mechanism looks quite sturdy. A cement block with the weight of 22.3kg (49.2lb) is lifted with the camera module popped out and there is no sign of the small part to break away. Looks good to me and should also prevent accidental bend-offs due to unfortunate shearing powers onto the camera module (i.e. phone is laying slanted on the camera module to some corner etc.)

But watch the video here:

Yet it’s good to wait for a Jerry Rigs Everything test as he is known for his not-so-smooth treatment to tech gadgets.

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