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Things you shouldn’t do as a conductor

If you’re a conductor of a train, you might also have an
older train at hand where you have to announce the
next stops by yourself. This unfortunate conductor had
the tannoy system active in a very unsuitable situation.

The tannoy system was active while the conductor was probably waiting for departure. In the meantime he thought: “Why not watch some special video material”. Unfortunately the sound was clearly audible to all the passengers in the train as the tannoy system was most likely not deactivated or the conductor forgot to deactivate it after his first announcement of the curse.

This accident  took place in a tube train of the South Western Rail and the reaction of the TfL was following asap: “Oh dear 😳! 🙈 Thankfully not one of our trains or drivers 😂!”

The reaction of the passengers however is hilarious! One wonan is heard asking “Is THIS coming rom the driver” while another passenger replied “No it’s someone’s phone” amid the confusion.

South Western Rail started investigating on this “incident” and most likely the driver will get a warning and instruction not to watch pornographic material while being at work! Although broadcasing of pornographic material via the onboard WiFi is impossible, they cannot block one’s private 4G connection to consume pornographic material.

South Western Rail apologised for the incident.

To date while this blog entry is publicated, the video above has already received hundreds of likes and a lot of sarcastic and funny comments. The watch count is above one million views already!

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