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Samsung showing new image sensors

When it comes to camera sensors for mobile devices,
Samsung is first to release new image sensors that have
more MP, more clarity in darkness and also a very fast
shutter time. The new Isocell GW1 and GM2 are here!

The two new image sensors have one thing in common: More and more MP! with an aperture grid of a mere 0.8 micrometer (0.8µm) the GW1 sets new standards especially with 64 MPixel!

The new Isocell GW1 comes with not less than 64 MPixels and allows smartphones to render even more sharp images to lower MP-resolution. 64MPixel allow image sizes of up to 9200×6900 pixels (using classic 4:3 aspect ratio). That’s quite a number!

GW1 is equipped with a Dual Conversion Gain (DCG) that converts the received light into an electric signal according to the illumination of the environment. This allows the sensor to optimize its full well capacity (FWC), utilizing the collected light more efficiently especially in bright environments. Sharper results can be delivered through Super PD, a high-performance phase detection auto-focus technology, and full HD recording at 480 frames-per-second (fps) is supported for smooth cinematic slow motion videos.

The main advantage of such a high MP number is that in lower light environments the image sensor can scale down images to 16MP reducing the well-known noise that can occur with high ISO settings and a high number of pixels too dense. The sensor then can reduce the noise using algorithms and render the image much clearer.

The IsoCell GM2 is only a bit less powerful than the GW1. It has 48MP and thus it has to render images with less pixels down. Nevertheless it still can produce stunning results when it comes to night shots where ambient light is reduced. The fact that it can record FullHD video natively with 480fps makes it in this aspect as powerful as the GW1.

Samsung states that both image sensors might be in production by H2 2019 which isn’t too far away anymore. Maybe we will spot these image sensors in the upcoming Samsung galaxy flagships, namely the S11 series.

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