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Notre Dame in Paris severely damaged!

Yesterday a fire shortly after 7p.m. broke out in the
cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. The legendary
landmark lost it’s iconic spire and the cathedral as
whole took a lot of damage.

The fire has been finally taken under control however the structure is badly damaged and it’ll need some time to have Notre Dame back to how it looked like before the catastrophic fire.

Notre Dame on March 27th, 2019






Here is the video where the iconic spire collapses…

It’s truly a dagger in the heart of all citizen of Paris as well as for tourists who really loved this unique landmark now being a rob of the flames.

Further investigations show that maybe Welding works may have caused the fire to start. Since the roof construction has been built from 800-year-old wood, this cannot be easily rebuilt as there’s no spare wood from the 12th century left for reconstruction.

Many celebrities have already stated that they will spend a lot of money to have Notre Dame restored to the glory it had!

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