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Influencers and their fears…

When we hear of Influencers, we automatically think of
celebrities showing their achievements on heir social
media channel of their choice. Even big brands use social
media to be omnipresent in the World Wide Web.

And it’s known that if you are well-known onlone then money is a-coming! No wonder that even the youngest generation wants to have a piece of the jet set life that money can buy.

21 years old Jessy Taylor had her own Instagram channel where she posted a lot of stuff. For some reason her 100k counting instagram account got suspended and deleted. This has happened as she was preparing another video upload for her followers.

It appears as if her instagram account got reported several times which made Instagram operator Facebook act and suspend the channel entirely. Interestingly she has also posted some sort-of laszive pics which could have been a trigger for her account ban.

When she noticed her account being suspended, she was totally dissolved as that account appears to be her capital assurance. She had earned over half a million US$ with her posts already.

She posted a video sobbing that her account had vanished. Stating that without her followers she’s nothing, she has no proper education, no job, no other income.

Her ultimate solution was to call the police to have her account restored. But the police let her know that they cannot do anything about it thus leaving her without a satisfying solution.

While she has created another account, her new account has only 8000 followers and the number of hate comments increase. Additionally her account gets reported repeatedly where she is facing another setback when her new account gets shut down as well.

Our verdict to all this: How about trying to find a proper education for a job, then start applying for one and earn money? When you have a monetary base then you can start off being an Influencer. But relying only on a virtual celebrity existence, pissing away a lot of money (for 500’000 US$ some people have to work 5 or more years!) shows that you haven’t learnt yet how to live the real life. And life’s a bi*ch! Most of the time. If you don’t have a solid base in life and only dream of a virtual life then reality will knock you back real hard. That’s a proven fact.

And we hope her example shows that nothing is for eternity independent of how famous you are or how much impact your personality has in social media. If companies like Facebook or Google have their hands on a service, they own you and they can quickly crush you!

Let this be a lesson for your life!

Sobbing for getting back your easy jet set life is not a solution. The comments belo your video and your insta account as well as on a lot of other media sites show that most people who work hard for their money don’t have any pity for your loss! Your lavish lifestyle and presenting that to those who are less fortunate may bring up more hate. That happened here!

Oh and while we are at it: Professional influencers have their own persoal site to always have a plan B once big sites like facebook or Instagram tend to fail. Could have saved you a lot of disgrace.

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